Most connected generation is also the most isolated

If you are like me, you grew up in a time when we didn't have the social technology components that invade our everyday lives.  If you wanted to connect with someone, you went where people were the gym, class, dances, church, the bar (although connection in this locale is very loosely termed), etc.  Then you did what today seems to be very challenging for many, you said hello.  Now I am no social butterfly, but I do enjoy talking with people and getting to know them, but a great deal of this was constructed from the fact of moving every two years meant that you either said hello or no one would know you existed.  

In today's society it is very easy to have numerous followers, "friends", connections, but you are no more connected than you are to the phone book.  You see, we as humans are engineered to need real and impactful connection with one another, and you can't get this through social media.

If you really want to connect go to events, join a group, get out there and speak to real human beings.  Yes you will have to make yourself vulnerable, you will have to be authentic, and you may find some people you don't like.  However, you may just find that your life, professional and personal, is all the more richer for it.  What are some ways that you have found good in connecting with people?