Creating the best UX

If you missed the post on what a product is, I suggest you go back and read that and then come back...ok so now how do you create the best user experience?  I was at the Colorado Technology Association's - Day at the Capitol, and I remember the panel talking about Moore's Law and that technology is getting more and more complex.  The question that I posed to the panel was as technology companies and leaders shouldn't we be focusing on making technology simpler?  A simple question I thought, pun intended, and I must have been in a room full of user experience evangelists as there were a few tweets after the meeting that agreed.

Focusing on the user experience is what really separates the good companies from the great companies.  If you don't think people want a good, simple, and pleasant user experience than I suggest you take a look at Apple.  Their history alone shows you that when their focus has been on the user experience they have had their greatest success, and when they didn't they were in trouble.

Brian Baker, with The First User team, wrote an excellent article on just how to create a great user experience called "Four Rules of Great UX".  Do you follow these rules; are there any others that you would suggest?