You have great ideas - now what?

Last time I talked about generating ideas to innovate. You have gotten away, you have come up with some ideas you are very excited about, now you pick a few and get to work...STOP! Why do we continue to see companies do this? How do you know you have good ideas? Have you asked your customers? A main piece of innovation is that you must be effective. You see this more often in larger established organizations, the main reason is that they have been conditioned to execute, while innovation is the process of finding "new" business models that propel you forward. Entrepreneurial companies have been doing this for decades, but it wasn't until about the last ten years we started to get some language around this. Many of you have heard the term "Lean Startup", and although many of you will recognize the activities around this, what I appreciate is the fact that by building a construct and framework, with language people can understand, it is creating a "system" that can help organizations increase their opportunities to successfully create innovative ideas.

No movement ever starts with just one person, but here are a couple of resources that can help you learn more if you would like to dig deeper.