When most people think of vulnerability they associate it with weakness, and I fell into this category not long ago.  I grew up in a military family and it was common to hear the adage “just rub some dirt on it” which was code for you don’t need to share, don’t let things affect you and just keep moving. 

However, I recently attended a leadership conference where Dr. Brené Brown gave a presentation on vulnerability and how much of society has been looking at this from the wrong perspective.  I highly recommend you taking a look at her videos.  She talks about how vulnerability is a doorway to authenticity, which creates belonging, and connection that we as humans intrinsically crave.  It was one of those presentations where the light bulb just clicked on.  I can’t say that I am now great at sharing, but I can say that my perspective has completely changed and I look forward to what the future holds and the relationships I build.