What is failure?

If you asked 10 people what failure is you would get 12 different answers.  Dictionary.com defines failure as “an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success”.  However, if you asked an entrepreneur what failure is they would say that it is a part of learning.  This begs the question if you learn something and in turn gain something from the experience, do you really fail?  Granted most entrepreneurs tend to be fairly optimistic, in fact I heard it once said, “entrepreneurs are more optimistic than is logically possible”, but does ignoring or finding the good in something still mean you didn’t fail?

I believe that answer lies in the action that is caused by it.  You see life is not a single snap shot in time, but a series of events that are continually moving.  You could take a photo of an event that shows you unsuccessfully achieving your goal, but at the same time you could take picture six months later that shows you having wild success which might not have occurred if the event six months prior had not occurred.  Now if you had taking the action of giving up then you would only see the failure, but by choosing the action to persevere you end up seeing success.  We all know that life is a journey and not a destination, so the next time someone tells you it is a failure just remind them that it is how we respond that will be the ultimate verdict on that opinion.