Instapaper, one of my favorite apps of all time.

This applications came to me through a good friend of mine, Bill D’Alessandro.  There is a great deal of information, or noise as many people have stated, and you can tune this to what it most useful for you.  However, the challenge I was facing was opening multiple browser windows, trying to read across multiple devices, and I had to be online as well as read this through a browser (not all browsers are created equal which causes other issues).  There are RSS feeds and I would use my inbox to collect items to come back to later when I had time, which also created more clutter.  Granted, I amin what many people now call an older generation and I know there are lots of other ways to handle your email, but I personally treat this like the old snail mail and I either want to do something with it, archive it if it is really important, put into a system that I can manage and do something with, or trash it entirely and get on with my life.  Yes, I am a zero inbox fanatic and it has allowed me to respond and be much more effective in communication which is the purpose of email in the first place, but I digress.  

Enter Instapaper.  When Bill originally recommended this application to me a while back, at the time I didn’t think it would be something that I would use because he spoke of it in terms of his travel and being able to read things offline.  What I failed to realize was that this was more than just something you used when you travel, but it allows you to save things you want to read for whenever and wherever you want.  Plus as a tool it allows you to forward emails to it, save web pages through an add-on in your browser, or use an applet in your mobile device browser that will also save to your Instapaper app.  Gone are the days of a messy inbox or having a browser with multiple tabs open with items that keep yelling at me to do something with.  I like things simple and anything that allows me to have less clutter I truly can appreciate.  I love this application and I highly recommend it to helping you keep the items you need to read in one place for when you are ready.