How do you recharge your leadership tank?

I was having coffee with a good friend who is the CEO of a large company with numerous employees and one of the first things he said to me when we first sat down was that it is lonely at the top. At first I glossed over this and didn't realize the pain I had heard in his voice until later that day. It reminded me that as leaders we need to keep our batteries recharged and that it can be lonely at times. That got me to thinking about how do I recharge my tank and ensure I am giving my very best that people need.

Being a leader is not easy, and it can feel lonely, but to those of us that choose to answer this calling it is something that is just a part of our makeup and we can't imagine doing anything else. I do believe that everyone can lead wherever they are at, regardless of the role they have. You always can feed into someone else in your area of influence, but there are some that this is something that is their profession and their life. However, if you don't remember to take the time to fill your tank, you risk the possibility of no longer helping buy causing harm to those that you do lead.

One way I fill my tank is that I meet with an advisory group. This is a group of people that I have identified as folks I need to speak with on a regular basis. Some of them have been mentors to me in my career, some have been colleagues that I have been through the blood and the mud with, and some are close friends. Regardless of how I have come to know them, they all are fully authentic, they will tell me how it is, and they make it a safe place for me to expose all my good and bad with the desire that my health and wellbeing is a prime concern to them and they ask nothing in return. I do make sure that they know how important they are to me and that their love and generosity is appreciated more than words could ever convey.

Another way I fill my tank is that I attend leadership events. This allows me time to be with other leaders to grow, learn, and heal up to get ready for the challenges that lie ahead. One thing is certain, this world will send us trials and challenges, but if we focus on growing and doing it in community we are reminded that we are not alone and that others have and will go through the same things. To share these experiences is a great way to give back to those that have fed into you. One of the conferences I attend each year is the Global Leadership Summit. It is a mixture of business leaders, academic leaders, and christian leaders. We can learn from all areas of leadership, and if we ever get to the point where we think we have this leadership thing nailed we will stop growing and we can't provide the value that people depend on us.

Don't forget to recharge your tank, don't forget to feed this back into others that need it, and you will be amazed that the road you are on seems just a little be brighter than it might have. So, how do you recharge your tank? Please comment and share with others.