Don’t adopt the labels this world gives you!

One of the most important things a leader can do is to garner feedback. Many times we can't see our blind spots and feedback can help us to realize these. A great leader is humble and is aware of their weaknesses. Note I didn't say that you have to fix your weaknesses, there has only been one perfect person, and to think that you can correct something that may not be a gift of yours may not be the best course of action. You can always improve, you may need to improve if it is a weakness that doesn't allow you to be your very best, but to fully correct and become excellent at it may not be realistic.

However, what if you are someone like me who happens to be your own worst critic? What if when you receive feedback you instantly start to think about everything you have done wrong and you create a false narrative that you are no good? This is not helpful either. So what do you do?

You see, you can get feedback from almost any source that is available to you. In fact, many of the sources in this world will give you feedback even if you do not request it. It may tell you something that is not helpful, truthful, or even worthwhile. Many times these are labels that the world will give you, and I strongly suggest that you reject these. In the long run these will cause more harm and can continue to perpetuate that false narrative.

What I am talking about is getting feedback from a trusted source, someone you respect, you know is safe, and who generally cares about your wellbeing and success. They will be honest with you, they will tell you the truth, they will help you identify your weaknesses, but they will provide you with a whole picture. This includes the good as well as the not so good. These are the type of people that want nothing in return, but care enough about you that their love for you is why they want to see you at your best.

If you stay humble, know your weaknesses, and surround yourself with others where their strength is an area where you are weak, you will find that you will accomplish more than you thought possible. You will also live a much fuller life.