Taylor Executive Consulting is focused on strategy and management consulting with a passion to help organizations accelerate their growth and to alleviate the pain of scaling to be leaders within their space.

Clients / Recommendations

Scott Pelletier - CTO, Lewan Technology

"I've worked with Scott over a year now and his passion for operations and his team are infectious. His work ethic is amazing and his throughput of "getting things done" is incredible. I would recommend Scott if you're looking for an operationally minded executive to drive change within your business and drive efficiencies to maximize productivity."

Richard Moore - VP Finance & Business Operations, Hosting

"I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Taylor on a number of strategic and highly beneficial projects at multiple companies over the past 10 years.  Three words come to mind when I think about Scott: Integrity, Ingenuity and Results.  

He can be relied upon to tackle the most challenging issues, from operations to financial diligence to product development.  He has the capacity to quickly assess problems and identify potential solutions.  More importantly, Scott can deliver positive results.  I cannot think of a stronger indication of trust than the willingness to work with people on multiple occasions.  I have done this many times with Scott in the past and would not hesitate to do so again in the future."

Bill D'Alessandro - CEO, Elements Brands

"Scott's biggest strength is organizing a scalable business by designing repeatable and well-documented processes. As a business grows, Scott can help design systems that remove the burden of day-to-day micromanagement from the senior management team, so they can focus on growth and strategy.

Scott's differentiating factor is that he can get his hands dirty with tactics, and then step back and think meaningfully about the overall direction of the business."

Mike Fisher - Phoenix Technology Group

"I have constantly told Scott and other colleagues that whenever I meet with Scott I always come away from the meeting smarter.  There has never been an occurrence when I have met with them that I did not learn something new.  That also applies to the work that he has done for us with our company.  

We are a startup company and Scott has gone through and helped us completely from a financial standpoint.  He provided us with the tools and information to better understand what it takes to price out our services so that we are profitable.  He has also given us key insights on what indicators to look for to prevent us from making financial decisions that would eventually result in mistakes and lost revenue.  Scott has also been an advocate for us while getting started by making referrals to other companies that have synergistic type business models to ours.  This has resulted in not only a company we can refer business to but also referrals for work we can perform.  Our company would not be where it is today without the help of Scott."

Nicholas Lumpp - CEO, Hoonto


"Scott was a great asset for us as we prepared for our startup fundraising round. His understanding of both the entrepreneur and the investor perspectives is an incredible asset for any startup looking to raise funds at any stage. 

Throughout the process, Scott went above and beyond to help us further develop our strategy. He gave us important insights into our financial needs and options as well as product positioning. The result of our engagement was not only a great investor presentation, but also a compelling story that attracted some of the top investors in Los Angeles. I highly recommend Scott to any startup looking to gain an edge in the fundraising process."